Konnect Youth Consortium (KYC) formerly known as Kericho Youth Centre is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Kericho County, Kenya. KYC implements HIV/AIDS Prevention, Sexual and Reproductive Health Services, peace building, environmental conservation and economic strengthening programmes targetting the young people in the county.

KYC began as a Focused Group Discussion group (FGD) in 2005 and was later registered in 2007 as an NGO. Its membership is open to all the youth aged between 15 and 35 years and community-based youth groups.

KYC was formed with a principle to provide youth-friendly HIV/AIDS prevention services.



Promote young people’s health through service delivery, advocacy and research for enhanced productivity & self-reliance
We envisage highly informed, empowered and healthy young people.


Strategic objectives

·      Health: Reduction of HIV and provision of reproductive health services

·      Promote economic empowerment, social cohesion and integration

·      Support population health and issues on environment

·      Resource mobilization, networking, collaboration, fundraising and linkages.